why do you need the global sales program?

When a taxi driver in Istanbul or Mumbai, got competition from a company in San Francisco who does not own either car or employ driver, it became clear that the rules of doing business has changed substantially. Only few years back doing global business was a choice. It was also not possible to do international business for small companies. Today it is not a choice. You have to deal with global competition. The digital infrastructure allows anyone even one single person consultant to do global business through online presence or by acquiring companies around the world.

why should you look for global markets?

  • It is only for growth but it is also risk mitigation from global competition
  • Diversified markets is good hedge against business cycles
  • Emerging markets are creating new markets for almost any product or service
  • Now it is not only possible to do global business for product or service, but also a company can license their business process or best practices
  • For exit oriented companies, global locations can attract global investors, strategic partners and acquirers

challenges of global markets

  • Where do you start? It is a big world and lot of markets are emerging. There is too much information on Internet which is hard to consume and make sense out of it.
  • Business cycles and conditions in various markets keep on changing
  • Labor and capital are moving from market to market, from country to country and it is very difficult to keep informed to make right decisions
  • Cost of doing business in various locations keep changing as Governments keep reacting to new products and services which are disrupting the old business models and places.
  • The speed at which one has to excuse because what used to take years earlier, now takes months or sometimes weeks

what is scaale sales advisory?

    Through our global offices and network of partners, we get real time feedback about conditions of market, cost of doing business at macro as well as micro business conditions.

  • We have been in business for more then 30 years in most of the major global locations and countries
  • We evolved out of brick and mortar world then moved to brick and click world and now a business model which has integrated new way of doing business by using new tools, even for traditional businesses.
  • We understand exit oriented business models and also sustainable growth oriented business model
  • Through our global offices and network of partners, we get real time feedback about conditions of market, cost of doing business and macro as well as micro business conditions.
  • Scaale Sales is part of Scaale Capital, Talent Anywhere , iPlex and other group business units. We have a unique perspective of creating better multiples by leveraging new markets or understand human capital efficiency and cost effective resources spread around the world.

talk to us

  • We want to go global, where do I go?
  • How do we get started about going global?
  • Should we use direct sales or channels?
  • Can we license my technology or brand in international market?
  • Can we do international franchise?
  • How can I expand internationally in a very cost effective way?
  • We do not speak English, and how can I go global?
  • I do not have bandwidth or desire to go global, how can I protect against global competition?
  • How can I manage global marketing?
  • Can I do global branding through localized online presence?

Scaale Sales team will be able to answer these questions using internal resources or bringing in our network of domain experts.