Digital Presence

Scaale Sales provides a new and very unique solution of establishing only digital presence. This solution may not be suitable to all but in some cases this can be very cost effective way of testing the water before jumping in.

This solution can provide low risk model of entering into a market. In many cases, the company can continue using this model. In other cases, Direct Sales or other solutions can follow based on the market response.

We assume that the company already knows about which market to go or they can use Scaale Sales Advisory to find out where they want to go


Market Overview

Size of the potential market, exiting players, how they sell it? what is the differentiator ? details like pricing, regulatory compliance, logistics, import duty etc.


Evaluation of existing product fit in local market, assistance of customization, regulatory issues regarding product.


Details of compliance, corporate structure, IP protection, contracts, indemnity, after sales issues etc.


Evaluation of viability of setting up localized web site, SEO and SEM possibilities, preparing budget for establishing digital presence.

Establishing Digital Presence

Web site - We will establish local web site with identified product for target markets.

Virtual offices - We will provide local address or address for multiple cities in a country to show more locations.

SEM - We will work on local search engine management.

Events - If planned and budgeted, we can do physical thought leadership events in target cities.