Direct Sales

In many cases, the most effective way to get into new market is to go for direct sales. When the product or service is very consultative or large project sales or where the margin available cannot afford the channel then the company may choose to establish direct sales organization for a new market.

In another instance the company may choose to establish direct presence to do either direct sales or support channel or marketing. It is a known fact that channel does not do marketing. Channel will like to sell what sells and it is the responsibility of company to do branding and marketing.

Scaale Sales can provide a very engaging model for establishing direct sale organization without setting up your own company.

We assume that the company already knows about which market to go or they can use Scaale Sales Advisory to find out where they want to go.


Market Overview

Size of the potential market, exiting players, how they sell it? what is the differentiator ? details like pricing, regulatory compliance, logistics, import duty etc.

Database of potential customers

Prepare or buy database of potential customers.


We will hire a dedicated team based on requirement and potential. This team will include VP Sales or Country Manager. The team will have the domain expertise of the company's business.


Dedicated team will be trained by the company for their products, business process and branding.

Branding and Marketing

If required local web site and marketing collaterals will be created. Digital marketing plan will be evaluated.


Evaluation of existing product fit in local market, assistance of customization, regulatory issues regarding product.


Details of compliance, corporate structure, IP protection, contracts, indemnity, after sales issues etc.


Set up office or contact details for the team. Provide the team necessary communication and marketing tools.

Direct Sales Management


Once the direct sales organization and infrastructure is in place, there are two solutions :

  • You manage the team directly, but we keep the team on our payroll and provide infrastructure.
  • We manage the team means our deliverable is sales. This option has to be evaluated on a case to case basis which will depend on our own capability and network of contacts in the target market.