For large emerging markets or markets like US, the company may require a long term strategy by establishing their own presence by establishing their own subsidiary. This solution is very capital incentive and it requires extensive analysis.

Scaale Group has established and managed companies in various countries including India, Europe, Middle East and USA. We have an extensive network and experience of providing turnkey solution to companies from India and US markets.

Our Solution Include The Following Sectors

Mid size energy projects
Projects requiring local real estate and permissions
Warehousing and logistics

This is highly customized solution as each project will require different strategies, resources, funding and getting local stakeholders on board.

Some of The Obvious Deliverables Are

Viability analysis
Find the right site of the project. Both India and US has large selection of locations
Government federal and local permissions
Local incentives and funding resources
Finding local vendors, contractors, project stakeholders
Establish local processes
Build local team
Lean to commercial launch